Project Description

Custom Pre Audiophile VF3

Custom Tube Preamplifier, Phono and Line, with separate tube Power supplies

Phono section:

  • Tube circuit
  • Zero feedback
  • 2 stage, Passive RIAA
  • 2 inputs, MM, with selectable input impedance (R and C)

Line section:

  • Tube circuit
  • Zero feedback
  • 5 line inputs + 2 phono and tape In/Out
  • L and R gain controls
  • 2 outputs
  • Remote control
  • Mono/stereo/reverse control

2 power supplies, one for line and one for phono, are enclosed in a single chassis but are totally independent, with 2 power switches and 2 power transformers. Both PSU units are tube rectified and tube stabilized with an exclusive circuit

Hard wired, hand-crafted