Customized production

//Customized production

Custom Pre VM


Custom Pre VM Line preamplifier, tube circuit, custom designTube line preamplifierZero Feedbacktriodes in all stagesTube power supply5 Inputs, Tape IN/OUT2 outputs (one variable with separate control for multi-amplification systems)Direct Pre Out function for AV systems interfaceVolume remote controlHard wired, hand-crafted  

Custom Pre


Custom Pre Single Ended Line Preamplifier, triode with OPT (custom design and manufacturing).4 Inputs,3 outputs + Tape OutKiom custom output transformers specially designed and manufactured for this single piece.Tube power supply.Single piece, hand-crafted with a rosewood chassis, boxwood inserts and 24k gold plated upper plane.Hard wired, hand-crafted [...]

Top GDG System


Top GDG System Reference system:Analog sources: Thorens, Denon (DP80 on Kiom custom plinth, FR e SME tone arms), Micro Seiki BL101 (FR66 tone arm, Ortofon SPU A85 Cartridge)Digital sources: Accuphase and McIntoshPhono preamplifier: Kiom Ouverture SGDG customLine preamplifier: Kiom Preludio 8, 2 chassis reference line preampPower amplifiers: Kiom Fuga 8Loudspeakers: Kiom Orchestra 8 Special, 5 [...]

MS System


MS System Reference system, including:Morsiani analog source47labs digital sourceLine Preamplifier: Kiom C2 (transformers output), custom rosewood chassisPassive Tri-amplification: 3 x Kiom “Gran Solo F”, custom 300B single ended with cocobolo and maple chassisLoudspeakers: reference Kiom Orchestra 8, 5 ways, in massive mahogany and maple manufactureIn a picture you can see 3 Kiom custom power supply [...]

Custom Pre Audiophile VF3


Custom Pre Audiophile VF3 Custom Tube Preamplifier, Phono and Line, with separate tube Power supplies Phono section: Tube circuit Zero feedback 2 stage, Passive RIAA 2 inputs, MM, with selectable input impedance (R and C) Line section: Tube circuit Zero feedback 5 line inputs + 2 phono and tape In/Out L and R [...]