Cables and accessories

Kiom cables and accessories are the result of a research aimed at optimizing any possible system interface. Signal and power cables are divided into two different lines: Armonia and Energia, whose names somehow highlight their “relation” to sound.

  • Energia is a series of cables suitable for all systems providing their quality is high, both with transistor or valve amplification. Energia enables what most traditional signal and power cables don’t – to convey the maximum possible dynamic, in other words live music.
  • Armonia is a series of cables especially designed for very high efficiency systems: low power valve amplification and superfine quality, horn speakers beyond the 100 dB limit. Especially designed but by no means exclusive – these cables can perfectly well be used with any system. Their exceptional refinement, balance and dynamic will enhance the harmony of live music.
  • Numero are digital cables that provide the best results with all types of system.
  • Origine is an integrated power source system offering for the first time a diversified power source solution for different hi-fi system components. Origine solves power source problems with optimized cables for specific purposes: for record players, for digital sources, for preamplifiers, for power and integrated amplifiers. The PSDS (Power Supply Distribution System) is the real core of a coherent power source: much more than a normal multiple socket, it is inseparable from its power source cable which has been expressly designed and produced.